Much more than apartments and rental accommodation

At the Lion d'Or, we invite you to discover both the natural and cultural heritage of the Pyrénées-Orientales & Vallespir, while enjoying a quiet residence, in the heart of Amelie les Bains Palalda; Today, we will help you discover the activities and events to discover around our accommodation.

The wealth of Vallespir is born in its heritage

natural, landscaped, architectural and on its thermal offer.

Discover the thermal baths Les Thermes d'Amélie-les-bains  

Classified as a Historic Monument for their Gallo-Roman remains.

Thermal Water: Source of Benefits

At the heart of the thermal experience is Amélie-les-Bains Palalda thermal water, renowned for its healing properties. This mineral-rich, naturally warm water is used for a variety of treatments that relieve aches and tensions. Whether you come to treat skin problems, rheumatological conditions or simply to relax, the thermal waters will bring you welcome relief.

Modern and Comfortable Facilities

The Thermes d'Amélie-les-Bains Palalda have modern and comfortable facilities to meet all your needs. You'll find thermal pools, whirlpools, saunas, steam rooms and more designed to help you relax and revitalize your body. The calming atmosphere of these facilities creates the perfect setting for your journey to wellness.

Festivities and activities to discover just a few steps from our vacation rentals in Amelie les Bains

The Greenway: Explore by Bike or on Foot

The Voie Verte is a real invitation to discover the natural beauty of the Amélie-les-Bains Palalda region. Whether you're an avid cyclist or an enthusiastic walker, this scenic trail offers you the opportunity to venture through spectacular scenery. Hike shady trails, skirt sparkling rivers, and take time to soak up the tranquility of nature. The Voie Verte is an adventure at your own pace, where each turn reveals a new treasure of the region.

Folk Festival: Celebrate Local Culture

The Amélie-les-Bains Palalda Folk Festival is an enchanting celebration of local culture. Every year, this colorful festival brings together the music, dance, traditional costumes and gastronomy of the region.Come discover the authentic soul of Catalonia, and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere where conviviality is essential. It's the perfect opportunity to create unforgettable memories while discovering the richness of Catalan culture.

Jazz Festival: Vibrate to the Rhythm of Melodies

For music lovers, the Amélie-les-Bains Palalda Jazz Festival is an event not to be missed. Each year, this festival attracts nationally and internationally renowned artists for captivating outdoor performances. Sit in one of the city's picturesque squares, let yourself be carried away by the captivating melodies and enjoy a unique musical experience under the stars. The Jazz Festival transforms Amélie-les-Bains Palalda into a paradise for music lovers.

Skyrace: Challenge the Summits

If you crave adventure and adrenaline, the Skyrace Carnival is for you. This mountain race challenges intrepid runners to climb the rugged peaks of the Pyrénées-Orientales.With breathtaking views, challenging trails and an electrifying atmosphere, this race is the perfect opportunity to push your limits while discovering the raw beauty of the mountain. Join the competition or cheer on the participants and feel the thrilling energy of the Skyrace Carnival.

Rand'eau: Explore Nature as a Family

Rand'eau is a family adventure that allows you to discover the natural beauty of the Amélie-les-Bains Palalda region. This excursion takes you through the picturesque rivers, waterfalls and gorges of Vallespir. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, Rand'eau offers a fun and educational experience for young and old. Explore the local flora and fauna, dive into the refreshing waters, and create unforgettable memories in the great outdoors.

Cities & villages to discover near our rental apartments for your nights in Amélie les Bains

Saint-Laurent de Cerdans: Wool Crafts

Located in the Pyrénées-Orientales mountains, Saint-Laurent de Cerdans is famous for its wool crafts. The city is renowned for its weavers who have been producing high-quality woolen fabrics for generations. You can visit artisan workshops and discover local know-how. The region also offers magnificent hiking trails for nature lovers.

Corsavy: Mountain Charm

Corsavy is a small, picturesque mountain village located in the Pyrénées-Orientales . It seduces with its authentic charm and tranquility. Nature lovers will enjoy the hiking trails that wind through the surrounding green hills. Corsavy offers a true escape into nature, ideal for recharging your batteries.

Arles-sur-Tech: History and Serenity

Arles-sur-Tech is a medieval city which is home to Sainte-Marie Abbey, a treasure of Romanesque architecture. The city is steeped in history and spirituality. The narrow streets and stone houses will transport you back in time. Sainte-Marie Abbey is a must-see site, offering a unique spiritual and cultural experience.

Roc Sant Salvador and its panorama at 1,235m: Breathtaking View

Roc Sant Salvador is a viewpoint located at an altitude of 1,235 meters, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The climb to the summit is an experience in its own right, with hiking trails that take you through lush forest and up to a breathtaking panorama. It is the ideal place to admire the Pyrenees in all their splendor.

Prats-de-Mollo: Historic and Magnificent

Prats-de-Mollo, located in Vallespir, is a historic town surrounded by majestic mountains. She is famous for herVauban Fortress, which offers a spectacular view of the valley. The cobblestone streets and stone houses add to the charm of this town. Prats-de-Mollo is a perfect destination for lovers of history and mountainous landscapes.

These destinations offer a variety of experiences, from traditional crafts to medieval history to the natural beauty of the mountains. Each of them has its own character and contributes to the cultural and natural wealth of the region.

Culture and Heritage

Bear Festival

Giants Festival
Tio de Nadal
The Museum of Modern Art of Céret
The Pass 66 Card (visit reduction)

Palalda Castle and Towers
Church of Saint Mary of Montalba
The Amelian necropolises

Nature and sports

The Mondony (waterfall river)
Le Tech (84.3 km long
The term at mas Pagris (waterfall)
The 18-hole golf course at Domaine de Falgos
The ""Montozarbres"" adventure park
The lake of St-Jean-Pla-de-Corts
Canoeing and canyoning
Fishing, hiking, paragliding

Gastronomy and local specialties

Catalan charcuterie (tapas and Soubressade and boutifarres, white or black pudding, chorizo, fuet…

cargolade, rousquilles, Catalan cream,

Cap d'Ona beer, sangria and natural sweet wines from Banyuls, Rivesaltes, Maury
Catalan Linen and Espadrilles in Saint Laurent de Cerdans

Beyond Canigou

Yellow Train of Sardagne
Font Romeu

""Come and spend a relaxing stay as a couple, with family or friends at the Lion D'Or in a newly renovated establishment which was once a hotel""