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le lion et sa lionne veille sur vous au Lion d'Or dans le 66

le lion et sa lionne veille sur vous au Lion d'Or dans le 66

22 Feb 24

It's February vacation

That's it, we waited for these first holidays and they are here! So come and get some fresh air in the Vallespir, valley of the Eastern Pyrenees (66) in the Occitanie Region, between sea and mountains, at the gateway to Spain for a little trip and ideal for your relaxing holidays, going for walks or cycling. .

The Lion d'Or welcomes you to charming, cocooning and renovated apartments where you can enjoy a good level of comfort while you discover the charming spa resort of Amélie les Bains and this beautiful region with its exceptional level of sunshine even at this period.

The lion and his lioness watch over you.

And still take advantage of the 10% reduced rate until the end of February.

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08 Feb 24

The bear festival continues in Prats de Mollo

A new meeting for this weekend.

February 11 , 2nd part of the Bear Festival in Prats les mollo

Here is the program.

11:00 a.m. Passing of the ""Bear's Paw"" baton. Exhibition Colla Costabona, Sardanes, Contrepas,
Cobla City of Girona
2:30 p.m. Big Bear Hunt
4:30 p.m. Shaving of the Bears on the Fair
6:00 p.m. Ballada of sardanes on the Foiral

So don't hesitate to come and see this event in the pretty medieval town of Prats les Mollo. and come and stay at the Lion d'Or in Amélie les Bains in T2 apartments classified furnished with 3-star tourism, very cocooning and functional as if you were at home.

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02 Feb 24

The bear party begins

That's it, the countdown is on for the Bear Festival with the launch of the Bear Festival in Arles sur Tech for this first weekend of February. And what's more, good weather and warmth await you with around twenty degrees Celsius today, February 1st. So don't hesitate to book your accommodation at the Golden Lion, seasonal rentals renovated for your comfort, cocooning apartments to relax after the excitement of your day.

Enjoy this event listed as an intangible cultural heritage of France. See you soon at the Golden Lion and the Bear Festival 2024. Here is the weekend program.

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22 Jan 24

Come and discover the 2024 Bear Festival in Haut Vallespir

Occitanie Tourism informs you

In the heart of Haut Vallespir, the bear is the central character of a legend which recalls the traditional implantation of this plantigrade in the Pyrénées-Orientales by linking it to carnival, a ritual of fertility and fecundity.

The bear that kidnaps young shepherdesses is chased by the inhabitants, captured, brought back to the village square where, after being shaved, it takes human form. It is this initiatory tale that the three bear festivals reenact with music and dance steps.

▶︎ The dates of the 2024 Bear Festival :
Arles-sur-Tech on Sunday February 4
Prats-de-Mollo on Sunday February 11
Saint-Laurent de Cerdans on Sunday February 18

The Bear Festival is now listed as UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage since November 29, 2022.

So don't hesitate to join this very festive event that you can experience 3 times in different ways depending on the very local culture in the upper Vallespir.

The Lion d'Or offers you the ideal seasonal rental accommodation to come and discover the Bear Festival for a few days, being located at the start of the Haut Vallespir valley in Amélie les Bains, a few kilometers from Arles sur Tech, Saint -Laurent de Cerdans and Prats les Mollo.

The autonomy and independence offered by seasonal rental accommodation are ideal for you to fully and freely experience the bear party.

Whether it is a T2, T3 or T5, our apartments offer a comfortable and well-appointed space equipped with a full kitchen, a friendly living room and welcoming bedrooms.

And still benefit from the 10% winter discount until the end of February.A way to combine pleasure with pleasure with this additional advantage on your seasonal rental accommodation

So see you soon at the Lion d'Or.

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17 Jan 24

Book your accommodation for your spa treatments at Amelie les Bains Palalda

Book Your Accommodation for Thermal Treatments in Amélie-les-Bains Palalda

Amélie-les-Bains Palalda is renowned for its healing thermal waters, which attract visitors every year in search of relief and well-being. If you are considering a spa treatment, it is essential to choose accommodation that will perfectly complement your experience.

Our Le Lion d'Or residence is conveniently located a few minutes by car from the Amélie-les-Bains Palalda thermal baths. This means you can forget about the hassle of traveling and concentrate fully on your spa treatment program. Your accommodation will be close at hand so you can relax after each treatment.

Whether it is a T2, T3 or T5, our apartments offer a comfortable and well-appointed space. Each accommodation is equipped with a full kitchen, a friendly living room and welcoming bedrooms.You will feel at home while benefiting from the advantages of seasonal rental accommodation.

A vacation rental, dedicated to your relaxation in Vallespir

The choice of accommodation during thermal treatments is of capital importance for spa guests . First of all, the proximity of the thermal baths is a determining factor. Opting for accommodation close to thermal facilities minimizes travel constraints, providing more time to rest, relax and fully benefit from medical treatments. That's because less time spent commuting means more time to focus on healing.

Additionally, comfort and quality of accommodation are essential to ensure adequate rest between treatment sessions. Spa treatments are often prescribed to relieve various medical conditions, and comfortable accommodations are essential to aid recovery.A pleasant environment, where one can mentally and emotionally rest, can have a positive impact on overall health.

The autonomy and independence offered by vacation rental accommodation are also valuable. Spa guests can organize their schedule as they wish, prepare meals that meet their dietary needs and feel at home away from home. This autonomy contributes to the well-being and satisfaction of the customer.

Your apartment in residence with swimming pool in Amélie les Bains

The presence of an on-site swimming pool in the accommodation chosen for a spa treatment is of great importance for several reasons. First of all, a swimming pool offers spa guests an additional means of relaxation and relaxation. After a day of thermal treatments, it is essential to be able to refresh and relax in a pleasant environment.The swimming pool helps relieve muscle tension, soothe the mind and promote recovery.

In addition, the swimming pool is an ideal space for practicing gentle physical activity. Aquatic exercises are often recommended during spa treatments to strengthen muscles, improve joint mobility and stimulate blood circulation. Having a swimming pool on site makes it easier to integrate these exercises into the daily routine of spa guests , which helps to reinforce the therapeutic benefits of the treatment.

The swimming pool also offers a friendly setting for socializing with other spa guests . It is a place where one can meet people with similar health goals, exchange experiences and create connections, which can be beneficial psychologically and emotionally. The social aspect of the pool adds a social dimension to the spa experience.

Book Now for a Successful Cure

We look forward to welcoming you for your next spa treatment in Amélie-les-Bains Palalda. At Le Lion d'Or , we understand that choosing your accommodation is an important step in your journey to well-being. By booking early, you have the opportunity to plan with peace of mind, avoid last-minute stress and prepare yourself mentally for your stay. You can choose from our various apartments, each with its own charm, to create the atmosphere that suits you best. Anticipating your well-being escape will also allow you to look forward to the moments of relaxation to come, from the refreshing swimming pool to walks in the heart of the surrounding nature. Your successful treatment starts now, with a simple and advance reservation

Ouverture des thermes d'Amélie les Bains

Ouverture des thermes d'Amélie les Bains

14 Jan 24

Opening of the thermal treatment

The thermal cures of Amélie les Bains, specialized in rheumatology and respiratory tract, start on January 31, 2024 until December 7, 2024.

You can also discover free cures, SPA formulas, Beauty salon, aquagym, aquabike, Pilates...

Walking sessions in the forest, with moderate endurance, for better breath management and contemplation.

And still the 2024 Discovery Days graciously offered to people who have never had a spa treatment in Amélie-les-Bains.

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07 Jan 24

Best wishes for 2024

Le Lion d'or wishes you for 2024

joy, happiness

and the realization of your wishes